Walk4Hearing – Coming up!

So, the other day I received an email about the Walk4Hearing coming up soon, on Sunday May 3rd. This will be the 3rd annual Walk4Hearing, sponsored by the Hearing Loss Association of America (Rochester chapter), and I’m really looking forward to it.  We will join Katy’s team, with her daughter Rory.  If anyone can participate, sponsor, or donate – please click here 

Katys Rory

The person who emailed me, Katy, is the same person my husband approached out of the blue while they were waiting in line at the Planetarium in 2005.  I briefly mention her on my “Background page” under “Trying to Get Help”.  Katy was a complete stranger, but my husband noticed her daughter (Rory) was wearing hearing aids.  This was right when I had been trying very hard to get information and wasn’t having much luck. I had just told my husband the day before that I felt like we were the only parents on the planet who had a child with a hearing loss. 


So, when he took AC to the Planetarium, and just happened to see a little girl a few years younger then AC wearing hearing aids –  he approached her Mom.  He explained how our son also wore hearing aids,  and a little about some of the trouble we were having finding information, etc.   He asked if it would be okay if I called her.  She gave him her card, and I called her the next day.  


It was like a gift.  Katy was a wealth of information and support, and just what I needed at the time.  Katy and I have kept in touch here and there, and the Walkathon is another chance for us to re-connect.  Katy – if you read this – THANK YOU AGAIN for all your help way back when!    =) 

Also, here is a viedo about the Walk4Hearing: 



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  1. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who contributed. The walk was a huge success AND a lot of fun. =) Looking forward to doing it again next year. =)

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