Happy New Year in ASL

Happy New Year everyone! 

I mentioned before I’m taking an ASL class.   I’ve learned a little so far, but mostly learned that I have a LOT more to learn!!  It’s a bit intimidating.  But…. I took 3 years of French  back in High School and never really could speak French very well – so, I don’t know why I should think ASL will be any easier.  I am enjoying the class…. and hope to continue on with it.  It is fun.

So – Happy New Year everyone!

And, now… for your viewing and learning enjoyment…


2 Responses

  1. This is a great tutorial video! Congrats on taking ASL, you will fall in love with the beautiful language!
    Happy New Year,

  2. Thanks KV =) I already am falling in love with it… even if it’s still way over my head. =)

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