Starting an ASL class tomorrow

I can’t wait!

It’s just an introductory course… but, still… it will be fun. 

I hope I can do it!

Next year, AC will take ASL as his language in 7th grade.  We have both been wanting to learn it for a while.  He’s hoping I can teach him a few things so he can get a head start. 

One of my hopes is that if we learn ASL, it will open more doors and opportunities for AC in social situations, etc.  We haven’t been able to find any other Hard of Hearing kids that AC can really relate to, but we live in one of the largest (if not THE largest) Deaf populations around.  It was explained to me that being HOH – is sort of like being born to a bi-cultural family.  It’s in the child’s interest to learn a bit of “bothe worlds”.  In order for us to do that, I think we need to embrace ASL as well. 

Here is a good article about that: a dual identity for hard of hearing students; good for the world, good for the. deaf community, critical for students.” By Donald A. Grushkin



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  1. Have fun with your ASL class! I do remember what it was like at my first class. I felt so lost but I hung in there. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Karen…
    It was fun!
    Should be interesting since after this first class, they said we wouldn’t have an interpreter for the 2 teachers who are deaf and will only use sign…
    ?? yikes! but, still… how fun is that?

  3. wow what an amazing experience deb…i am more than willing also to enroll with my daughter if she finally comes to age for new aveneus of communicating for her fellow HI. But since she is still in the critical period of language acquisition i prefer more the auditory verbal approach.

    GOD bless you and your family always.


  4. berose,

    thank you… and yes – I’m excited to be learning ASL. I’ve wanted to for years, actually – even before I learned of my son’s hearing loss. I use to work with some deaf people, and always wished I could better communicate with them.

    My son is also looking forwad to learning ASL next year. he just thinks it’s neat. My hopes is that since there’s not many HOH kids in our area – maybe knowing ASL will help him/us be able to interact with the many deaf folks in our area. Sort of try to get the best of both “worlds”. =)

    I’m sure you will do what is best for your beautiful daughter…. and I’m so glad to have “met” you. I look forward to reading more on your blog.


  5. ASL IS A beautiful language both you and son will fall in love with it.. and your son will be less stressed when he cannot hear you, you both can sign. I am so glad i could help by sending u info. Im glad hes starting next yr. THE YOUNGER THE BETTER. HELL learn FAST. It will be good for him to be in “both worlds” ( thats what i call it). Starting an intro course is good start! way to go!!! =) goodluck

  6. danielle. thank you! You are a sweetheart. I appreciate all the info, and your generosity. I do think my son will be better off if he can fit in with both “worlds”. I’m learning from my class that there is a lot to it…. the slightest hand positioning matters and it seems sorta hard. But, I am trying! =)
    I do hope this old dog can learn a few new tricks still.. . =)

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