That’s not a Bluetooth headset! (Jerks steal HA)

Heard this in the news recently… about a kid who had his hearing aid ripped right off his head!  I was so appalled…. I had to share and vent.  I mean?  What the &@^%&?  I can’t hardly believe it – but, then agan, yes, I can.  Still, what a world we live in!  Read on:


That’s not a Bluetooth headset

Thieves, perhaps after cellphone gear, have twice stolen a deaf boy’s special earpiece.
By Mary Engel, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
July 14, 2008
The first time someone snatched the speech processor from behind her son’s ear, Hilda Giron got it back. She had been shopping for groceries and shouted to the cashier
to watch 3-year-old Jose while she took off after the young thief and his accomplice.

The boys probably thought they had grabbed a Bluetooth headset, which are in high demand now that California requires drivers to use hands-free cellphones. Luckily, the boys ditched the $6,000 earpiece — the external part of Jose’s implanted hearing device — as they fled.  Giron found it in the market parking lot, still intact.

Then a week ago, she and Jose were having lunch at a McDonald’s on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard when two teenagers grabbed the earpiece and ran. This time, the thieves got away.

“He kept asking, ‘Where is it? Where is it?’ ” Giron said in Spanish, repeating words the processor had helped Jose learn to say.

Advocates for the deaf at first welcomed the Bluetooth craze: Deaf people with cochlear implants, they thought, wouldn’t stand out so much if everyone wore little gadgets behind their ears. But some now fear that Bluetooth headsets will become as popular with thieves as iPods — and that deaf people will become inadvertent targets.
continue full article at:,1,5365903.story

I tell ya…
Makes me want to just go smack someone upside the head… (preferably the jerks who stole the kids hearing aid).
I mean? Even if they thought it WAS a Bluetooth… they just rip it off some kids head?? And, not for nothing, but how hard is it to see that it is NOT a Bluetooth?!. Can’t they SEE? Perhaps they should be stealing some really thick glasses and not HA’s. ??

Unbelievable. I wonder if they can sell HA’s on the black market?  I’m sure that’s a stupid question – and that of course they can.  So, this is probably going to be happening more and more… and not by “accident”. HA’s are worth way more then the stupid Bluetooths… so maybe every two-bit thief will want one. Next thing ya know, we’ll not only have to cough up thousands of dollars to pay for HA’s – but, cough up a few more for security or something. Sheesh!

I might just get my kid a taser. He can fend off bullies AND thieves. 
Wait. He might go on a rampage and zap anyone who crosses him… his little brother… the babysitter… maybe even ME!  ?
So, yeah… Scratch that idea. I guess I’m back to hoping that karma sneaks up and smacks those thieves in the head for me.

Ok. I’m done. I feel a little better. Sorry for the rant.



3 Responses

  1. Okay….I’m….speechless! Okay, found my voice again–how nuts is this?!? Did the fact that the HA was attached to a magnet to the child’s head not give these thieves a CLUE that they might not be trafficking in a blue tooth?!? And while I’m at it, I bought my bluetooth (which works just great) for 30 bucks at Wal-Mart–and there were others that were even cheaper–so how much of a Blue Tooth Black Market can there actually be?!?

    Whew–time for a little more coffee–glad to know about this–and feeling a little vigilante!


  2. When I first saw this on the news I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, give me a break! This child is three years old! Anyone with an ounce of common sense will know it is not a bluetooth! Every time I think of this, my blood pressure shoots up again!

  3. Oh my gosh. I never even thought about that! Remind me to tell my daughter to keep her hair over her ears. Good grief.

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