Apparently, he has “permanent hearing loss” in both ears…

Below is an email I wrote from Feb, 2001 – when my son was first diagnosed with having a hearing loss. He had just turned 4.

Written: February 1, 2001

 Hi …

Well, I took AC this morning for a thorough hearing evaluation, at the advice of his Doc. As you know, we were a little worried since his pre-K teacher mentiooned that his speech is not quite up to par, and since he wouldn’t/couldn’t do the hearing test at his 4 year check up. Up until that point, it never really dawned on me that his hearing might not be normal. But, these last couple of weeks – all kinds of little things starting clicking and making sense. So, when he had his evaluation this morning, I was sorry to hear that they do show hearing loss, but, I wasn’t too surprised.

Apparently, he has “permanent hearing loss” in both ears. That was sort of hard to take. I was hoping it was fluid or something.. anything that could be “fixed”. Still…
at least it is not a drastic hearing loss, but, it looks like he’s pretty much not hearing any soft volumes – like whispers… or maybe voices over background noises. Of course, this would explain his pronunciation being off… he’s probably having trouble deciphering and/or hearing soft consonants like “s” , “t”, and “th”.

Our next step is to have him re-evaluated there next week to confirm these results… and if they are confirmed, he will need a hearing aid. She said we may need to take him to a “eyes & ears specialist” doctor.

I know absolutely nothing about hearing aids and the like… so, this is all kind of scary to me right now. I’m trying to think positive and I know it could be worse and it’s better to catch it sooner than later… I know that hearing aids aren’t as big or obvious as they use to be… but, I don’t know if this is something he was born with or that developed? They said it’s hard to tell. I don’t know if it’s something that can get worse. ??? I’m sure his doctor will have more info when I talk to her – but, I have to wait til she gets the test results and all.

So… there you have it. Guess, I’ll just have to take things one step at a time. As my sis-in-law pointed out…
  “AC is such a smart boy. Doing so well and even advanced for his age. If he’s done this well WITH a hearing problem… think of how well he will do once he can hear everything.” This made me feel better.

My husband and I were still fighting – not speaking – right up until this morning. This all sort of snapped things back into reality….


Until I read this, I had forgetten about the fight my husband and I were in at the time…  I don’t remember what it was about now.  Funny how things can be put into perspective so quickly…



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