Update – College Bound!

10987640_10206152962132677_3972700119596260365_nI have not posted on this blog in some time…  but, wanted to share some good news and let anyone know that AC is doing GREAT!  And he was recently accepted to RIT!  = )    We are VERY excited for him.  RIT is a GREAT school, and happens to also be local for us.

I am actually an employee of the University of Rochester, and originally was sort of pushing to get my son, Aaron, to go to college there. Then, we went to an NTID/RIT Open House last fall, and we were just blown away. We knew right away that RIT would be a better fit for Aaron, and not just because of his hearing loss (although having NTID and so many others who can relate is a huge plus!).  We were so impressed by the staff there, and the college in general, that I have no doubt that this is a great choice for AC.  

It is so hard for me to believe he is graduating high-school this year.  He took all AP classes the last few years, and was still involved in sports and a number of activities.  He was always main-streamed, and truthfully he seemed fine with that.  Still, after years of being the only kid in his classes that wore hearing aids, it will be quite different for him to go to a college where there is such a high percentage of other kids that are Deaf and/or dealing with some level of hearing loss.  RIT also offers the major that he was interested in – Statistics – and, is just a top-notch school.  We are very proud of AC, and very excited for what the future may hold.

If anyone else is looking into college…  and especially if your child is Deaf or has a hearing loss –  you should look into RIT / NTID:  http://www.ntid.rit.edu/    =)

FM Systems: What is your experience?

I  have a question for anyone who has hearing loss, and has used or is using an FM system in school…  and/or  any parents with a child who does.  I’d like to hear your experiences with using the FM – positive, negative – when it was used, where?  What grade did you start using it?  And, was it continued through high school?  college?

This has been our experience with the FM:

AC started wearing hearing aids when he was 4 (preK), but didn’t start using an FM in school until 3rd grade.  Continue reading

Not Alone…

One thing that has always bothered me is the fact that AC doesn’t know any other kids that have hearing loss.  It may be something I worry about more than he does…  but, ever since he was diagnosed (when he was 4) until now (he’s 15) – he has always been the only kid who wears hearing aids that he/we know personally.   In school – he’s the only one in his classes dealing with the FM too.   I’ve read articles about social issues for HOH kids, and so have tried to find other kids in our area like AC.   I’ve posted about that on here before – but, it’s never really worked out.

People will frequently compare wearing hearing aids with wearing glasses – but, it really isn’t the same.  Wearing glasses will pretty much correct your vision, but wearing hearing aids never really brings hearing quality to a “normal” level.  The sound quality is much different, and there are all kinds of other factors that come into play (batteries, surrounding noises, etc).   Then, there’s the social differences.  LOTS of people wear glasses – but hearing aids? – not so much.   Wearing glasses doesn’t present the same types of  feelings of being different or the same unfortunate stigmas.

We live in an area with one of the largest Deaf populations around – but, AC doesn’t identify with  Deaf culture either.  He doesn’t use ASL.  He is learning it in school for his “foreign language”, but it is not how he communicates and he doesn’t consider himself as “Deaf”.  His family, friends, class-mates – are all hearing… and he fits in with us/them, but,  Continue reading

Phonak – GAP (Guide to Access Planning) site…

AC is now 15 and finishing up his Freshmen year of high school. Time does fly!

I wanted to share a website here that was recommended to me by our school district’s audiologist: Phonak: GAP (Guide to Access Planning): http://www.phonakonline.com/MyGap/GapMain.html.

It has a ton of information for kids – especially teens, parents and professionals about hearing loss and benefits of technology. There are assessments to help determine just what an individual’s needs might be, and has lots of links to other resources and videos. Check it out:


“Hearing Loss In The Family”

Thought this was interesting…  and worth sharing:

Documentary video about hearing loss in the family


Hearing Loss Effects, Difficulties, and Stats – Oh My!

I research and read a lot about hearing loss, and frequently see lists stating what the “common effects of hearing loss” are for children…  or what to expect if your child has hearing loss..  or common symptoms or ways to detect if a child has hearing loss.  I’ve read about studies proving how high percentages of kids who have hearing loss will often face many difficulties with this, that and the other thing.   It’s not something that is easy to swallow – especially when you first learn your child has a hearing loss.

I remember reading many of these articles and feeling a sinking feeling in my stomach.  Was my child going to have these problems? Just how bad IS this “mild to moderate” hearing loss anyway?”  How can “mild” be so bad?   Continue reading

Mother’s Guilt…

As a mother, I think feeling guilty often comes with the territory.  When dealing with discovering your child has a hearing loss – and you didn’t even know it  for some time – these feelings can often surge up to al all time high.  At least they did for me back in 2001, when we realized AC had a hearing loss. 

As I mention on the “background page“, AC was probably born with mild/mod hearing loss, but, we didn’t know it until he was 4 years old.  Once we were LOOKING for it, there were signs everywhere…  but, up until that point, we really had NO clue. 

This is an email I found that I had written to a friend back then…  I thought Continue reading